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Current Outside Temperature  Current Outside Humidity  Current Outside Dewpoint
Sun up today:  9:10  down:  15:21
Current weather at Bennäs, KP13jo:
Temperature: 0.1 °C

Current Wind Chill  Current Barometer  Current Outside Heat Index

Wind speed - from: 0.0 m/s -  E
Wind chill: 0.1 °C
Humidity: 97 %
Dewpoint: -0.3 °C
986.7   hPa
Falling Slowly
THW index: 0.1 °C
Current Wind Direction    Current Wind Speed
Heat index: 0.1 °C
Rain gauge does not work at sub-zero
temperatures due to lack of funding!
Today's rain: 0.8   mm
Rain rate:
0.0   mm/hr
Storm total: 0.8   mm
Outside Temp History
Monthly rain: 10950.4   mm
Yearly rain: 3399.8   mm
Today's highs and lows:
Maximum readings:
Temperature:  2.7 °C  at  0:00
97 %  at  0:00
2.2 °C at  0:00
2.7   m/s  at  19:50
990.5   hPa  at  8:29
Rain rate: 
0.3   mm/hr  at  3:00
Heat index: 
2.8 °C  at  0:00
Barometer History
Minimum readings:
Temperature:  0.1°C  at 21:41
Humidity: 95%  at 14:19
Dewpoint: -0.6°C  at 21:07
Barometer:986.7 hPa  at 22:59
Wind chill: 
0.0°C  at 21:07
Today's Rain  Monthly Total Rain  Yearly Total Rain
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Rain gauge does not work at sub-zero
temperatures due to lack of funds!
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